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Complete credit recovery negotiations management, with collections rule design and the definition of strategies such as selection of the action channels throughout the process.

The use of statistical models and data science enables reducing recovery costs and improving recovery rates, while maintaining compliance. Actions range from mopping to mailing list enrichment.



1. B2B Collections
2. Digital Early Collections
3. Late Collections

Collection management for debtor companies, seeking to reduce bad debts and maintain active clients. We assertively locate financial managers of the companies and use negotiators with a different profile who, associated with the use of innovative technologies, guarantee the best delivery in credit recovery

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The most efficient end-to-end collections solution: it operates on every phase and channel to gather the various features and tracking KPIs on a single platform. Simplifies management and adds intelligence and speed to the process.

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Managing the late stage collection process focusing on credit recovery. It has an analytics layer to improve data in order to ensure the location of the final consumer, generate models of payment propensity, scoring and intelligent segmentation. Offering efficient channels, attraction and re-marketing campaigns for negotiation with reach and recovery.

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CX, ventaja competitiva en la era digital

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Atento Colombia #YoTambiénMeVacuno

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FY21Q2 results by our CEO, Carlos López-Abadía

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