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Atento Next Generation CX 6

Next Generation CX is Atento's digital magazine focused on news about Digital Transformation, new technologies, Customer Experience and quality knowledge on current issues that are affecting companies. In this magazine you´ll find everything about trends, case studies, interviews with opinion leaders and executives of large companies. Published quarterly, it is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Atento Next Generation CX 6

new issue

N° 6

October 2021

The sixth issue of our Next Generation CX Magazine focuses on new sectors that are responding to consumer needs within a context of digital acceleration. In this issue we witness how the concept of mobility is changing through the examples of important companies such as Wible or Ubico Corporate Mobility. Besides, a traditional company like Renault, talks about how the company is reinventing its business, while improving its Customer Experience in remote channels.  
There is also space in this issue to discuss the benefits of externalizing operations, as well as the push for multilingual services in an increasingly globalized world. The Too Good to go case and Atento´s Reskilling program are also part of this issue.

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Previous issues

Atento Next Generation CX 1


July 2020

In its first issue, Next Generation CX takes an in-depth look at how large companies are addressing their process automation strategies using RPA (Robot Process Automation) technology. Spokespeople from Orange, Securitas Direct, Repsol and Grupo DIA participate in this issue and share their point of view. Content focused on technology from software leader companies such as like Blue Prism and ABBY is also included. Cuatrecasas, the prestigious law firm, also provides its vision of the legal framework within the current technological context.

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Atento Next Generation CX 2


October 2020

Business growth models in the COVID environment and entrepreneurship in the midst of a pandemic are some of the topics covered in the second issue of Next Generation CX, focused on the world of digital native companies. Technology content is focused on improving customer relationship management, as well as cost optimization through Cloud solutions. Executives from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Vodafone, Hello Auto, The Lab Ventures, and Enrique Dans, IE University Professor and Digital Transformation expert have collaborated in this issue.

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Atento Next Generation CX 3


January 2021

The first issue of 2021 focuses on sales management and Customer Experience from different perspectives, with the participation of brands such as Ikea, Tik Tok, Beat -Latin America´s leading mobility platform- or Fundación Repsol´s acceleration project . APD (Association for Management Progress) introduces this third issue of our Next Generation CX magazine by taking an in-depth look at the extreme digital acceleration process that organizations are experiencing today. The magazine also contains the main conclusions of the study that we carried out at the end of 2020 to analyze how sales performed throughout a completely atypical year.

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Atento Next Generation CX 4


March 2021

About 15 big international brands participate in this 4th issue of Next Generation CX. We collect experiences from very different sectors that have Innovation as a source of inspiration to emerge stronger from the global crisis that is hampering the survival of companies.
Guy Kawasaki introduces this issue by challenging us to maintain a positive attitude towards the future, remembering that now, more than ever, is the time to offer something unique and different to our customers.
You will also find success stories and great learnings from multinational companies such as Axa, BBVA, Cepsa, DIDI, Glovo, Ikea, Liberbank, Liberty, Microsoft, Seur, Unilever and Wallapop.

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Atento Next Generation CX 5


June 2021

In this issue of Next Generation CX Magazine, we go deep dive into what retail companies are currently going through, and how e-commerce has transformed and evolved because of the pandemic. Omnichannel, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Big Data ... are some of the keys that leverage on technology to deliver the best Customer Experience.
Frost & Sullivan, Leroy Merlin, Game, Cash Converters, LG, Mastercard… are part of this issue, where we also introduce our Virtual Hub, the first command center designed to optimize operations in remote working models

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